My Life on Earth

Monday, May 12, 2008


A week ago Saturday, the hubby sends Little Man and myself to Wally-World to get some $0.92 paints to paint the Awana derby cars. Well, Little Man and I found the pinkish-purple, the metallic red, and the black that we needed for the cars. A total of $3.00 with tax. Well, as we pass by electronics we (Mommy) sees the Wii. I was planning to get one for the Hubby for fathers day, by ordering one from a friend. Well, to my surprise, I found one in stock. Of course, Little Man and I make the purchase. That $3 trip increased in cost significantly.

So, when we get home with it, this is where God is funny again, the hubby had the TV stand and stereo system pulled out hooking up the new converter boxes for the TV. So he proceeds to hooking up the Wii. Which, by the way, he gives me a hard time about the $3 trip, but he loves it.

This weekend my parents, Mamaw and Papaw, are in town. Today, Papaw was playing the Wii with me. He was trying to beat me at the duck shoot on the Wiiplay games. We are still learning the Wii. So I thought you all might like to see some pictures of me and my dad playing.

This is us playing the duck shoot game.

Still playing the duck shoot.

I am not sure what we are playing here. We look a bit intense though.

We tried to get Mamaw to play, but we have had no luck yet. I think we will get her there, we will just have to keep harassing her. Dad is right though, if you are going to buy a gaming system, make it a Wii.


Adrian, Heather, Caleb, and Emily said...

Caleb loves to play Wii with us! Has Little Man gotten in on the action yet?

Brenda said...

Little Man likes to play the Wii. He really enjoys the duck shoot and cowboy race on the play games. And he really likes to roll the ball in the gutter on bowling.

Shawna said...

We have contemplated getting a Wii before but never did it. It looks like one of the more "active" game consoles. Glad you guys are enjoying it!

Mrs. Goofy said...

I like wii, bowling and tennis are my favorites. I also like the racing cows and of course pong. You do look a bit intense, who won?