My Life on Earth

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy still...

In the previous post, I talked about the busyness of life and all Little Man's health issues since the Staph infection. Well, it strikes again. After the last ear infection and Strep throat at the same time, it looks like we will be back at the doctor tomorrow. Fatigued and running a fever of 101. It's been two months since that Staph infection and we have yet to have Little Man healthy for more than about a week and a half at a time. Fun, fun. Mini-Me is sick too.

I really would like to runaway for just a few days and sleep. Do absolutely nothing but sleep. Is that possible?

I doubt it, but man is that a lovely thought

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Okay, so I am just showing that my last post on August 18th was true. We have been so busy there just does not seem to be time in the day to breathe. I so desire my slow, boring life back. My mom keeps telling me that is not going to happen until my kids leave home. Is she right? I sure hope not.

This is how our weeks have looked for several months now. And this is just the regularly scheduled stuff, not even the extra stuff that gets thrown in there every week.

Sunday: church, nap, church
Monday: Errands
Tuesday: Bible study in Gurley, start cleaning house, soccer practice, dinner
Wednesday: Library duty, still working on house, laundry, church
Thursday: Library duty, still working on house, laundry, Science Club
Friday: More house work, more laundry, Soccer game
Saturday: Prepare our lesson for our Sunday school class, Work on projects around the house Back to Sunday

This does not include all the doctors appointments, volunteering at the school, couponing classes I teach, Indian Princess stuff, remodeling a bathroom, building a patio, etc. It's a good thing we only allow our kids to participate in one activity outside of church and school. It truly is a blessing that God changed my Spirit a few years back. I used to not be able to go to bed with a dish in the sink or a dirty bathroom. Praise God, He changed that. Because there is usually at least a bowl in the sink, and now the bathrooms only get cleaned once a week.

So tell me, will life slow down or should I just get used to it? I want to know what I'm in for.

On a different note, my Meniere's is now under control due to extremely low sodium diet and a diuretic. I've lost 15 pounds too.

Little Man is doing better from the Staph infection in his elbow. It has been rough for a while. Becuase Staph is so difficult and taxing on the immune system, right after we got him over that he got another viral infection that caused fever for 7 days. About a week after that he got a head cold and upper respiratory cold that lasted for about 2 weeks. He has now been healthy again, this time for about two weeks. So we are praying that his immune system is finally getting ahead of all the germs.