My Life on Earth

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pitiful Cat...

This cat acts more like a person than a cat, which most of the time is great. However, every now and then it gets a little bit irritating.
He is getting snipped today. I am sure he is having so much fun.

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Circus fun...

Here is a picture of Mini-Me and myself. Little Man is to my right then Little Women's brother and Little Woman, the Kid-O. We all had a lot of fun at the circus this year.
This was Mini-Me's first trip to the circus. I think we just might go back one more time before the kids are officially too old for it. However, the hubby and I enjoy it was much if not more than the kids do.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

I think I'm getting older...

So back in Janaury Kid-O turned 9, ouch. It's hard to believe that she is nine and in the 3rd grade.
I'm not real sure where the time has gone. When she was an infant we were ready for that phase to be over because she was so miserable for the first year of life. (Colic for six months, then on to teething.) But I have to say, Kid-O is a pain in the rear, but she is a sweet kid. As disobedient as she is at home, she is obedient at school. As disrespectful as she is at home, she is the model student for respect at school. Praise God. She knows how to behave and does, just not when we're around.

Friday night we had a party to go to for Mr. Don. He turned 75 Friday. Anyway, before we leave the house she is outside picking all my flowers off my plants and putting them in a flower pot. As I am calling her in, she comes carrying this flower pot into the house. I told her she had to leave it outside. She proceeds to tell me she made it for Mr. Don. So of course, what are you going to do, let her biring that flower pot in the house, with all my flowers into the van to take to this man. It didn't register that those flowers were going to die with no root. Mr. Don, by the way, LOVED his flowers. He said that was the best birthday gift he got.

This reminds me of the time that I thought my neighbors needed a Christmas tree. They were an elderly couple that I visited everyday from the time I was five, until I left home for college. Anyway, they didn't put up a Christmas time, so I decided they needed one. I asked my mom if I could cut a tree down for them. She said yes I could cut one of her trees except for this one particular tree. Well, that one particular tree was the best looking tree, so I cut the top right off of that cedar tree. It sure made a beautiful Christmas tree. I don't believe I got in to trouble over cutting that tree, because my heart was in the right spot. Years later (25 or so), you can look at that grown cedar tree and tell that the top is missing, it's flat on top. That misshapened tree reminds me that we don't always make the right decisions, but God still allows us to grow into beautiful people with a few flat spots.

On a side note, my freshman year of college I ran across a beautiful metal Christmas tree that you just hang ornaments on that could set on top of the television. I bought that tree, gave it to Mrs. Barnett, and she put it up every year until she died. I was able to get that tree back when Floyd past away last year. I got the amazing pleasure of putting that tree up in my house this past Christmas with the ornaments I gave her.

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