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Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Grade Awards

This post is more for family to see Kid-O's achievements for this year. Tuesday was first grade awards and Kid-O received three awards. She received the A honor roll award (all A's all year), the art award (her picture was chosen for Panopoly), and the A.R. award.

The A.R. award was for the highest average on the number of test taken. Kid-O took somewhere between fifty and sixty test (I don't know the exact number) and had an average grade of 99.9%. Out of all the test that she took she made an eighty on one, the rest were hundreds.

I did have a bone to pick with the school when it was all over though. Many children, probably around forty to fify kids took and past over one hundred test, so they received throphies. Which was fine; however, Kid-O received a paper award, so where do you think the importance was just placed. Out of all those kids, in only one class did one child that received a trophy received the highest average award. Many of those children took one hundred and fifty test to pass one hundred.

Being a person that reading comprehension has always been a struggle, I would think that more importance would be place on reading and comprehending what you read rather than being able to take many test.

On a side note, I could care less that Kid-O did not get a trophy, the paper award will fit nicely in her scrapbook, the trophy would not. I just care about what they have just taught these children. Concerned that Kid-O may not have thought her accomplishment was as important, I made a big deal of it, took her out to dinner, bought her a beach towel (princess of course), and talk to her about the importance of her award. Her response was, "I know, they just wanted to take tests to get a trophy." I have to say, I was just a bit proud of her for coming to that conclusion on her own.

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