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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lake Winny

I am headed to Lake Winny today for the end of year Brownie party. I will update the post this evening with some pictures from the day. Enjoy your day, pray for me and all those girls.

Well we made it to Lake Winny and back yesterday. This first picture is where Kid-O received her patches for all the "try-its", cookie selling, and trips they took this semester. She got several patches: a museum patch, April showers, world thinking day, cookies to Iraq, Holiday fun, theater (Annie), amusement park, and camping are a few.
This is a picture of Kid-O and her friend going down the big slide. I have to say, I put my camera up after a few rides thinking I had enough pictures. I regret that though, because there were bigger kid rides farther into the park that would have been good pictures. I knew I would have to ride though. I don't know what this ride is called, I was quite surprised that Kid-O got on it. I will never believe her again when she says she is scared though. She rode everything except for two rides, and she was not tall enough for those. I must say though, Lake Winny is an excellent amusement park for children 4 through about 10 or so. The rides are very age appropriate, still fun and exciting, but not huge like Six Flags and the cost was not terrible either ($16 for kids, $21 for adults - unlimited rides).

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