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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Awana Grand Prix

The church had an Awana Grand Prix event this year. The hubby tells me it is the same thing as the Boys Scouts Pine wood derby. So we bought five dollar kits for Kid-O and Little Man. Kid-O was in the Sparky Event (K-2), they did not have an event for the Cubbies (3-4), so Little Man helped daddy in the adult event.

Little Man's car is the red one. He wanted it to look like Lighting McQueen. He did the red painting on the car. I thought he did pretty well. Little Man and daddy's car finished in third place.

Kid-O's car is the pinkish-purple car. Daddy made her design it herself. So she drew on the piece of wood what the car was to look like. Daddy cut it out and sanded it for her. Then she had to paint it herself.

Kid-O's car came in third place in her age group. There was about twelve cars in her group. She was really excited about winning a trophy.

This was just the cool cat car designed by one of the little girls at church. She designed it, daddy built it, she decorated it. I thought it looked really nice. By the way, her car came in second in the Sparky event.

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Nikioliee! said...

when i did this when i was little daddy made me pasint mine too and i had to put the wheels on so naturally one fell off during the race so we taped it back on! haha! my car one first in design but second in speed. mine wasn't as big a group as kiddo though! im impressed! =]