My Life on Earth

Monday, February 16, 2009

We are here

This is Little Man watching television this morning before we left our room. The Ronald McDonald house was full, so they did not have room for us; however, they gave us a voucher for the Medical Center Inn for $15 a night.
Here we are waiting in the room, to be prep for surgery. I don't really understand this whole be here at 5:30am, and yet they have done very little and it is now 7:20am. Go figure. Anyway, Little Man is doing great. I will let you know when they take him back for surgery, and when he gets out. If all goes well, I will update often.

Thank you for all the prayers.


Loveday's Day said...

Your doing great with the updates. Praying for Little Man, you and Chris.

Adrian, Heather, Caleb, and Emily said...

We will be thinking about you and praying for you today. Caleb says that he hopes J feels better very soon!