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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese New Year

At Kid-O's new school, they cover all the subjects, not just reading, math, and a little science. They do handwriting, social studies, lots of science, English, all of it. Anyway, for social studies for January they learned about the Chinese culture. So the last day of January, they had a Chinese parade, and Chinese food.

The kids had a great time with it. I have spoken to Kid-O's new teacher several times, and on our first or second talk, she told me I needed to relax. I was too stressed out, because I was pushing Kid-O. She said, kids aren't going to learn if it is not fun. Wow, fun a novel concept. There was no fun at the previous school, no cupcakes for birthdays, no salt or sugar in the lunch, therefore no favor, and AR was pushed to no end. Kid-O and I love the new school, she is learning lots, and her handwriting has improved greatly.

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