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Monday, February 9, 2009

Green Mountain

Saturday, the boys and I went up to Green mountain. We had been told by several people that we should venture up there. Since Kid-O and the hubby were gone on their cave trip with Indian Princess, the boys and I decided to venture. It was nice up there. Lots of trails to hike and walk on, a small lake, and a large picnic area. It was nice, and we spent a couple hours walking around and of course taking pictures. I thought I would share some of the best and funniest of them all. Here are our crazy boys.

We were having a hard time getting Little Man's hat straight. I have several pictures in a row where the location of the hat is slightly different, but never straight. Go figure, I can't get it straight.

I love this picture; however, I can't use it. I was off on my lighting a bit. If you look at Mini-Me's left cheek, you can see the flash mark.

Mini-Me looking serious, like the hubby.

He posed for this one himself. I did not set him up like this.

Getting a two year old to look at the camera is a difficult task.

Little Man is getting into the posing phase. I like it though.

Just being down right silly.


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Shawna said...

Great pictures!! Those are some cute kids! Mini-me does a good job of posing for a 2 year old. I think his hats are so adorable.