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Thursday, February 19, 2009

God is Amazing...

I had said in a previous post that God had been amazing and I would tell you in another post. Well, I think I have a few minutes to do that right now. First off, Little Man is going great. He is ready to get up tomorrow, but I don't know that his body is ready to get up and moving tomorrow. We will see. He said he was getting up but not much. Other than that, he was been an amazingly great patient, no complaining, when he is in pain, he says very little about it; he tends to just ask for some medicine, etc. I have to say from my perceptive, not having to do house work all day everyday has been great. I have just sat around and done nothing but play games and watch TV with Little Man. I am not going to want to go back to work.

Anyway, so if you have been following Little Man's story, you know that this process started over a year ago. His symptoms had been going on since he was not quite two (i.e. leg pain, headaches, dizziness, and the bug sensation all over his body). Well, all along Little Man knew that we were going to all these doctors to figure out what was causing his bugs. Each different doctor and diagnosis told us this was not what was causing the bugs. The dizziness and headaches, were/are most likely caused by the heart condition. The leg pain and stiffness, along with the bugs, we were told they just did not know. Well, then we discovered the tethered spinal cord, only because I insisted on the MRI of his spinal cord. I had to take Kid-O to the doctor for strep throat, and Little Man began to cry, "but I need to go to the doctor, they still have not gotten rid of my bugs." That was when I insisted on the spinal MRI.

At that point, they sent us on to UAB for a consult with the neurosurgeon, who then confirmed the diagnosis of the tethered spinal cord. When the neurosurgeon began to ask how we got to him, I gave him the process and the bugs, and his response was that we had gotten there by serendipity. Serendipity, what a load of crap when you believe in God and that there are no coincidences in life.

So, that gets us up to date quickly. Then Saturday night, Little Man was getting in the bed and asking questions about his surgery, what they were going to doing, and why? I explained the surgery to him, and told him they were doing the surgery to get rid of his bugs. His exact words were, "but my bugs are gone Mommy." Wow. I knew in my heart that his bugs would be gone after the surgery. I truly believed that God had to use the bugs to get me to start searching to find out what was going on with his body. His bugs are gone. Let that sink in, I have been for days, it is still overwhelming. This has been a long and tiring process, but wow what an amazing one it has been. Little Man is a product of a miracle. Had there been no bugs, there would have been no reason to search for a problem. Otherwise we would not have known anything until the 100% chance of lose of bladder and bowel function and lose of male sexual function occurred. What an amazing blessing that God has given to us and to Little Man.

Serendipity...I believe not.

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