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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 16th

What does the title mean? I will get to that, but first I wanted you to remember about three months into this year long journey. So here is a post from June of 2008.

As most of you know, this is my Little Man, the one I prayed for, the kind compassionate, little David (the mighty warrior). Well, better than two years ago when he started walking he would limp or favor his right leg. Sometimes it would get to the point that he would start crawling again and not walk on the leg. I would always call the doctors office; they allows asked two questions, "Is it red?, Is it swollen?" The answers were always no.

So back in February it happened again, just this time he began to scream in severe pain. He stopped walking and sat down with his Papaw for probably better than an hour. I called the doctors office again, and was insistent that they see him. I got his pediatrician to refer us on to a pediatric orthopedic doctor. He did x-rays and could find nothing wrong with the leg, so we moved on the the MRI. They did only the knee though.

Better than a year ago, I notice Little Man hitting his ears (from the back forward, flipping them like), rubbing his forehead and eyes. Well, only by the grace and love of God, this Mama asked the right question Monday. I asked, "Why do you hit your ears?" Little Mans response was, "I have bugs on me and they won't come off." "Bugs?" "Yes, bugs everywhere." I don't know about you, but my mind says bugs to a three year old would be like numbness, tingling, etc to an adult.

So back to the doctor we go. This time with more information. The pediatrician still think there is nothing wrong with him, but he is sending us on to a pediatric neurologist. Little Mans pediatrician said there may be some nerve damage in the right leg.

Monday night, when I put Little Man in bed he asked, "Mommy do you have bugs?", I say "no", he said "Does Daddy have bugs?", "No", "Does M______ have bugs?", "No", "Well I__ has bugs?", "No, Little Man I__ does not have bug either." My heart breaks for my Little Man, because he is beginning to realize that what he feels is not normal, but it has been for so long.

Last night, when Little Man was rubbing his forehead, I asked "why are you rubbing your forehead?" His response, "Because it hurts, it hurts real bad" I asked him, "Why are you rubbing your eyes?", "Because they hurt."

So I ask each of you that reads my blog to pray for Little Man and Mommy. The fleshly, intelligent part of Mommy is upset, because I know that there is a compressed nerve somewhere in his spine. The fleshly part of this Mama is deeply upset, by the fact that my Little Man his been in pain for two years, but he has not known how to express it. The fleshly part of this Mama, is scared of the possible permanent damage they may be done to those nerves. But this Mama, also knows that God is in control, he knows what is going on. He knew that it was going to take a couple of years to get to the problem. He knows everything, and there is much comfort in that. The hubby told me last night, it was okay for the fleshly part of have a say, but God needs to immediately follow. Instead of it being God, but fleshly, it needed to be fleshly, then but God. To stay focused on the but God. So I ask that each of you pray for us as we walk through whatever it is God has for us and Little Man.

I don't know why God led me to share this, but he did.

Now back to the title, February 16th, is the date for Little Man's untethering spinal cord surgery at UAB. This has been a long journey, but one I have be blessed to be a part of. Little Man has shown his courage, strength, compassion, and kind heart to all those he has touched. I would not have changed any of this, to be anywhere else. The doctor today, asked if the urodynamics was tramatic for him, I reply, "no, I told you he was tough." He then asked if he was going to be a marine. To be honest, it would not surprise me, if they will take him with his heart problems.

Anyway, back to the point, the surgery is straight forward, if all goes well, with no unforeseen stuff, he will get to come home the next day. The most difficult part will be getting this very active four year old to lay flat for three to five days. He will be able to lay on his side, stomach, or back, but that is it, no standing, of sitting for at least three days. We asked how you do that? The answer we got was lots of DVD's and video games.

We told Little Man tonight, that he was going to have surgery. He was okay with that when we told him that they were doing it to get rid of his "bugs". The hubby and I truly believe that Little Man's "bugs" will go away when the surgery is over. We believe God had to use the bugs to get me to looking for what was wrong. The neurosurgeon said he would not say that this was causing the bugs, but we still believe the tethered spinal cord is the cause. This is a condition that is rarely found in young children, and if it is, it is because they already have symptoms (loss of bladder and bowel function and male sexual function), which cannot be fixed even after surgery. Therefore, finding this at such a young age is an amazing blessing. God is always watching over us and protecting us, and willing to lead us if we will just follow. Sometimes, mayb even many times, we might not like the path, but the blessing that comes from it is beyond description. It has been a joy to walk this path with God and my Little David. I know I have rambled on for a while now, so I will stop, if you have questions, just ask in the comments, I will answer them. Thank you for all the prayers, and I ask that you continue to pray for us.


Nikioliee! said...

i love you and joey. i will be praying for you!

Shawna said...

I'm glad to hear it's a go and that it was scheduled as soon as it was. I will be praying for you guys and that everything goes smoothly. Does Little Man know that this may take away his bugs? He is such a little trooper!