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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Little Man did eat some of his food yesterday evening and was able to keep that down. However, at 9pm last night he had not been able to pee. The hubby and I worked with him for over an hour, with massage, heat, running water, the works we manage to get 100cc out of his bladder. However, that was not enough for the doctor so we had to have the Foley tubing put in to empty the bladder. Little Man did great through it, but he hated it. His urodynamics was just too fresh on his mind. Anyway, he has woke up several times through the night, five I think, and peed anywhere from 125 to 250 cc. So that is very good. Painful for him to have the Foley tube inserted, but with instant results.

Another question was asked: "What happen to Little Man's face?"

Well, he and his sister can tell the story the best, but here goes. In the back yard there was a stack of round concrete pavers. Well, they got the crazy idea to roll them to the swing set and put them from the base of the slide to the ladder, as stepping stones. Well, Saturday Little Man was trying to jump on the the slide, about midway up, and caught one leg and knee over on the slide, but missed the other. When that happened, he sled off the side of the slide rolled and hit is face on one of those concrete pavers. So his face has a nice circular stretch and knot on it. Kid-O's knee keep him from hitting his head on the paver a second time.

So, that is what happened to his face. Everyone here at the hospital has asked him about it too.

Back to the title, I am exhausted, Sunday night, I did not get off to sleep till just after midnight, sleep good until about 2 am, then proceed to wake up every 15 to 25 minutes, until 4 am. Then of course, any of you who have ever sleep at a hospital know you can't sleep here. They are in and out of the room all night long, Little Man needing to pee so many times, he was in some pain at 3am, so I asked then the give him is Motrin, which he had not had all day, just Tylenol, because Motrin, seems to make him a little cranky. This time it appears to just made him go to sleep. So all together, I have probably had 6 to 7 hours sleep for two days. The hubby is sleeping very well though, so if we get to go home, he will be okay to drive.

I will update after we see the doctor.

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Adrian, Heather, Caleb, and Emily said...

Hope you all get to go home and get some rest. Let me know when you all get home and settled. I'd like to bring J some cookies and a treat.