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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More updates...

As you can tell from this picture, Little Man is feeling better. He has been playing his DS more, talking more, and less tired. He wants to come home, but we don't know yet. The doctor came in and said they would do pictures of the bladder after he had peed, to determine if the bladder was emptying properly. If it emptied completely they will discharge him. The first one did not look hopeful, but they did not come in until about 25 minutes after he had peed. We are going to try again at about 12:30pm. So far he does not have to go yet. So as of right now, it is still in the air as to whether we get to come home today. We are praying that we get too.

Don't look at the next picture if you don't like details.

Here is the picture of Little Man's incision. I took pictures of it one of the times we rolled him to his side. It is about three inches long. It looks good though, nice and clean. I will let you know as soon as we know if we are heading home today.

Continue to pray for the healing of Little Man's body and bladder. Thank you.

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