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Friday, February 13, 2009

I Got too it...

I told you I would try to get to uploading pictures of the scrapbook room, now that it is organized. We have been back to the doctor twice this week. Once to the ENT to have Little Man's tubes removed, which they did not remove one, because it is still slightly attached to the eardrum. Then back to the sick doctor, as we call him around here, because Little Man spiked a fever of 103.4 yesterday evening with a sore throat. The quick strep test, and flu test came back negative, but his white blood cell count is high (indicating bacterial) so they proceeded on with chest x-rays, to make sure it was not pneumonia, due to his surgery on Monday. They would not proceed if, it was pneumonia. Anyway, those came back negative also, so we are waiting on the results of the overnight strep culture.

So anyway, back to the point of this post. Ah the scrapbook room, which I have yet to use. Too busy. Imagine that. So when you walk down the stairs, the first thing you see is the old desk with the kids' computer. The hubby still has to run phone line, so they can play webkinz. You ask about the door behind the desk. Well, the answer is that is the door that used to go our to the garage, but the hubby and I closed it off and put a new hole in the wall in the laundry room. You ask Why? Well, that door was in a very bad location. You could not park both cars in the garage unless you wanted heo one vehicle next to the door to be beaten to death by the door. So we changed the way you come in and out of the house from the garage. We still have to finish out the hole, and put in a nice door, not the bi-doors into the laundry, because of the heating and cooling. That is for another time. I digress again.

To the left is the laundry room, to the right is the scrapbook room, with the weight bench, which I love because I can get back to working out. It has been years since there was no room in the old house for the weight bench.

Then on you right is the scrapbook desk area. The desk runs the length of the wall, which is really nice. About six to seven feet. I have plenty of room to work.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, with the digression at the beginning.

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