My Life on Earth

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting closer...

Here is the most recent picture of Little Man's bedroom. I got it painted, and his new bed quilt came in yesterday. It is corduroy, like his red curtains. I have to plug Pottery Barn kids though. The quality of their stuff is great and the colors always match. Everything in all of the kids rooms came from there, ordered at very different times, but the colors match. Makes decorating easy, a bit expensive, but easy. I still have the red stripes to do in Little Man's room also. I will get to those after I get all the rooms painted.

Kid-O's rug finally came in Monday. So I can finally get her room painted. We went yesterday and got the paint for her room, rosewood pink and chocolate pudding is the brown. These are almost the exact colors of the pink and brown polka dot area of her rug. She is excited and I am ready to get started. Hopefully today, we will see.

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