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Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost Done...

Mini-Me has been in Tennessee since Tuesday of last week. We thought it best for him not to be here while Little Man was recovering from surgery. How do you get a two year old to understand that you can't jump on top of the four year old laying on the living room floor. Anyway, he will be back Wednesday of this week, with a surprise. The Hubby and I bought him a bed this weekend, so his room is almost done.

I still have to put the red and blue strips on the walls in his room, but otherwise it is finished. I have to thank Going Goofy though. I have never been the consignment shop type of person, but I have learn to appreciate what you just might find in one. I found this set of bunk beds in a consignment shop here in town a few weeks ago for a good price and they are really sturdy; which I love. Anyway, we got the whole set, with mattresses and bunkie boards for under $500.00. The hubby and I thought it was a great deal. Mini-Me does not need bunk beds, but we thought having the one extra bed was a good idea.

Little Man gave his airplane quilt to Mini-Me for the top bunk, so that the room looks like what their old room would have looked like. Little Man opted for a solid navy blue corduroy quilt, with solid red sheets for his room. I will take pictures and show you after the quilt comes in. Little Man and I went yesterday and picked out his sheets. He got a set of red sheets for Mini-Me too. Their rugs finally came in as well. I ordered them at the end of December; they have been on back order. Kid-O's rug should be here today, so I can get her room painted now. I will post pictures when I get it done. I think it will look really good. We are going with brown and pink this time.

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