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Monday, March 24, 2008


So as I told you last week, we headed off for vacation. We had a ball, with the kids and the married couple that went with us from church. The Hubby and I told them it was good to get to know another couple, because since we left college we really have not had people to just hang out with. I have included many pictures from some of the things we did in Gatlinburg. I hope you enjoy them.

Kid-O thought that she wanted to try her hand at climbing the rock wall. She did not get far off the ground, but I have to give her credit for trying something she would normally not do.

Little Man ready to ride race cars with me as his driver. Just a side note. Little Man threw up coming down the crazy mountain road. We made a pit stop at the famous Wally-World to get him new clothes; we thought it cheaper then going back up the mountain. We assumed it was motion sickness especially since he threw up again going back up the mountain, and no other time throughout the day. Well come to find out, he had a stomach bug, because after the vacation was over, three days later, me, Hubby, and the wife and son of the couple from our church all had the same stomach bug. So that being said, look closely at the face of Little Man on the race cars.

Kid-O ready to go.

Little Man probably trying to hold on to his stomach while riding with the husband of the couple from our church.

Kid-O enjoying herself and probably trying to get daddy to go faster. That is what she does to me.

This picture has the wife of the couple,with Kid-O in the lead, the husband with their son in second and me with Little Man in third. Just thought Hubby got a good picture with all of us together.

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