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Monday, March 31, 2008

Just some random thoughts...

First, I am obsessing about this whole hair thing. I want something different, but don't know what.

Secondly, children are fun to watch when they don't realize you are watching them. For example, Kid-O and Little Man were outside playing. Kid-O sends Little Man to the barn to get some pieces of wood. He comes back with one, no that is not right she tells him, so he takes it back and brings another. She tells him that one is good, to get three or four more like it. So Little Man proceeds to getting the wood for Kid-O. When he gets the last piece, half way back to the play set, Kid-O tells him he forgot to close the barn. So he lugs the wood back to the barn closes it, then goes back to the play set with the last piece of wood. So is he kind and wants to be accepted or just plain gullible?

Third, the pastor yesterday was preaching on Ruth and Naomi. Ruth tells Naomi, when Naomi tells her to go home, that she will not leave her except by death and if she does, may God deal with her severely. The pastor said many people have used that as part of their wedding vows; which it is highly appropriate. I just hope and pray that people who have used that truly understand what they have said and understand they have made a covenant with God regarding the person they are marrying. God does not break his covenants with us, the rainbow is a prime example. Have you seen a rainbow lately?

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