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Monday, July 28, 2008

Worn Out

As most of you know, today was Little Man's MRI of his brain and his blood work. First, let me say what a trooper this young child is, he and God never cease to amaze me.
So here is how the day went:
5am: Mommy up
5:45am: Daddy up and getting read to go
6:15am: Kid-O up and getting ready to go
6:30am: Mini-Me up and dressed
6:35am: Little Man up and trying to get ready to go
6:40am: Mommy leaving the house with Little Man and Mini-Me, Daddy leaving with Kid-O
6:45am: Kid-O dropped off at a friends house
7:05am: Mini-Me dropped off with a friend of mine
7:30am: Little Man I arrived at the hospital
8:00am: Admitted and on our way to radiology
8:15am: Nurse applies cream to Little Man's arm for his IV
9:00am: Little Man and I are in a room getting his IV, Little Man's appointment time was for 10am; however, the 9am left, because they could not get the IV in, the 11am arrived before us, but got upset because it was taking so long to get back so they left. Pray for that young child, I believe he has Teret's syndrome. Little Man laid there to get his IV like a champ, when they stuck him he said "ouch", no crying, kicking, screaming, nothing.
9:30am: Little Man was in the MRI machine and strapped down
10:05am: The nurse carried him back into me, he woke up immediately, saying, "I'm hungry, Mommy, can we go to McDonald's?" I told him yes, that we would when we left there.
10:30am: We were leaving the hospital. As we were going out, I told Little Man, "Okay, we are going to get lunch, then get your blood then to the train store." He thought about it for a few seconds then said, "no, we go get my blood first then McDonald's and the train store." Yet again, God is making this easy on me, by making us walk through this with Little Man. What a blessing to be found in what seems like to be no blessings.
10:45am: We arrive at Quest to draw blood, I told them we have a 1:30pm appointment, but that he would like to get this over with, he just left the hospital could they work him in. The phobotomist said yes, give us fifteen minutes.
10:55am: We were preparing to draw blood. I hold Little Man, she sticks him and he says, "Ouch, that hurt", no crying, no kicking, no scream. Yet again, God comforting me and Little Man through this.
11:00am: We are on our way to McDonald's. We ate a nice McDonald's lunch, then off to the train store. At the train store, Little Man had a hard time deciding what train he wanted, but he ended up with Colorful James, and Busy as a bee James.
12:30pm: We are on our way to get Mini-Me and Kid-O
1:30pm: We arrive home.
2:00pm: Little Man and Mommy take a nap.
I wanted to share an email I received today from a friend. Yet again it goes to show just how wonderfully God answers our prayers. "Just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my prayers today. May God let His presence be felt and his compassion wrap around you like a warm comforter!"
Thank you Gracie Lucy

So this was our day, I'll let you know when we get results. We go back to the neurologist on August 7th. Thank you for your prayers.


Nikioliee! said...

aww fist let me say that i am very pleased that everything went peachy keen! tell dadda that i was thinking about doing it in two weeks when me and macdaddy are supposed to be soing the music and sermon. (that morning)man just talking about it makes me nervous!

Jacob said...

I'm glad God was with him and you and is helping. I'm praying for ya'll. Love you.

Shawna said...

I find it just amazing how God holds our hands and walks us through things. To me it just proves that we have to put it all in His hands as you have done. I am thankful it went smooth and I am confident that God will continue to show Himself the whole way. We will be praying for all of you through this. With Love, Shawna.

Nikioliee! said...

deal. haha love you too!!