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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th in Pictures

So, this year was not really any different than any other year, except for the fact that it rained. We (being the family) could not think of the last time that it actually rained on us. As you can tell from the pictures, that did not stop us from eating, playing whifle ball, and fireworks. I could upload many pictures, these were just some of my favorites. Enjoy.

Hubby and Little Man

The whole gang, minus the doctor and children. The doctor was in this weekend.

Hubby, Soccer dad, the builder (cousins)

Fireworks by Uncle Buck

Uncle Bucks wife and daugther

TBI PoPo (brother in law) and Mini-Me

Little Man and Redneck golf

SC Boy and TX girl

Pint size neice


The Runner (a cousin)
Ty-wee (nephew)
Dad and the little trouble in the making (more cousins)
The lawyer (cousin and favorite grandchild), girlfriend, and builders middle daughter
Uncle Buck (cousin)

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