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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Anniversary

So it is our anniversary today. The hubby and I have been married for 8 years, together for almost 13. We eloped to Gatlinburg, TN, and got married at Cupid's Chapel of Love. Many asked why we eloped; well, we had been living in sin for more than four years and God decided it was time for us to get married (through Kid-O). The hubby and I have never been happier. God has truly blessed our lives with each other and a beautiful family, not always obedient, but beautiful. Part of the hubby's testimony is that he prayed for me, well, not me, but some one like me. Praying and driving in the rain one night after his heart was broken, he told God he wanted the next one to be the one. All he wanted was to be content. Not long after that, it was Thanksgiving of 1995 and his family writes out their Christmas list. Well, there are catergories like $10.00 items, under $50.00 items and what you really want.

Well, the hubby being silly, wrote, red head 5'5", 36", 24", 36", with green eyes and independently weathly. About two weeks after that, he ran into me on campus, on purpose I believe. He followed me back to work, then back to my dorm. We went for dinner that night. I loved him immediately which scared me to death. We made plans for the next day or the day after, I can't remember, it was exam week. Anyway, I cancelled on him, I was scared. Well, about three weeks later, I called him, and we went out again. After we had been together for about two months, standing outside his parents house, I remember telling him that I was going to marry him. Well, I don't know that he believed me, but he stuck it out. I guess the rest would be history now.

Just more proof that God loves us and will show us in everything if we will just look, and open our hearts to him. By the way, I am not independently weathly, unless you look at my relationship with God. And the hubby will tell you that God way surpassed what he asked for or could have come up with one his own. How blessed am I to have been given to such a wonderful man. God shows himself to me everyday through my hubby. Thank you for giving him to me and thank you to the hubby for loving me.


Shawna said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! What a cute couple!!!

Bailey said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Nikioliee! said...


awwwwwwwwwww i love you guys so much!!! and thanks for the awsome picture of parents the sequel!!! haha

Going Goofy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Adrian, Heather, Caleb, and Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize yours was the day after ours!