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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July Challenge

Once a month, I go scrapbooking at a friends house with other friends. Whitsdom provides us with a challenge to do at home and then show her to be added into a drawing for a little scrapbooking gift.

I am not going this month because I will be attending a fellowship with some ladies from church. I will still get to scrapbook though.

Anyway, I was posting my challenge for Whitsdom to come look at so that she could put my name in the hat. Hope everyone else enjoys looks at it.

This is everything from Kid-O's 1st grade year that I felt was worthy of keeping: class picture of course, her all year A honor certificate, highest AR average certificate, and her art certificate, report card, along with something from the first day of school and something from the last couple of weeks, and finally a letter she wrote her teacher about wanting to be a teacher one day. The way I put it all together, she will be able to flip through the pages to look at them one day, if she wants.

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