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Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Man Update

Little Man's appointment with the neurologist was yesterday. I feel much better after meeting with her. Here is why: Instead of being dismissed she said, "He is only three, he is not making this stuff up." Wow, what a blessing, to be listened too, and believed. Then I called back this morning because I forgot to give the doctor one more piece to the puzzle. I told them I was sorry to bother them, but I had forgotten to tell the Doc about the lower back pain as well. I was told, "nothing is insignificant." Wow, God again. They are listening, and Little Man will be fine through God. Oh, and Little Man had many of his symptoms yesterday morning while we were there, so the Doc got to see many of the things I was telling her about. God again.

So on to the appointment. We got there and they got us back on time, Wow. Then the nurse came in and got the initial information. See left us with a box of crayons to color all over the table paper. Little Man liked that alot. When the doctor came in, she immediately started talking to Little Man to get as much information from him as possible. Love that as well, listening to a child, what a novel concept. So we talked for better than 30 minutes, Wow, God again. That never happens in a doctors office.

So the bug crawling sensation that Little Man has is an actually medical term; formacation. No this is not a misspelling, this is the actual word. She was concerned about his difficulty to swallow well. He requires lots of liquid to eat a meal and about the formacation on his head and face, and the apparent stiffness in the right leg. The right leg is much stiffer than the left.

So here is the course of action right now. Little Man is scheduled for an MRI of his brain on July 28th. The Doc wants to make sure that the brain has formed properly. She said there is the possiblity that the cerebral cortex has been sucked into the spinal canal, there by causing the pain and bugs. She of course does not know, she just wants to be able to rule that out or confirm it. Then we are also doing a full blood work up: rhuemtoid arthritis, lupus, thyroid, anmenia, diabetes, and anything else that she and her collegues think they should run. Wow, she is going to consult with other nuerologist, God again. Then we will go back to the Doc on Aug 7 to get the results of all these tests. Hopefully with an answer.

That is were we stand for now. Still not knowing anything but believing that God has got Little Man and this Doc and that he will reveal what the problem is through her then fix it. All this for God to get all the glory. Pray that I continue to walk through this with only God's grace and the Little Man be healed.


Jacob said...

:-) I'm glad that ya'll got a doctor that listens. I'm praying for you, him, and the doctor. I don't know whether I can come tonight. Probably not.

Nikioliee! said...

consider yourselves prayed for! love you mom!

Bailey said...

love you mommy!! I'll be praying for Jonah and you. And yeah it is probably what you think (on my blog) but once I tell you the story I think you will be completely okay with it.

Jacob said...

Hahaha, "Love is amazing. God is amazing. Oh yeah, God is love."
That was pretty funny and true.