My Life on Earth

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This years theme for VBS is Outrigger Island. I was doing decorations. One day I was talking to Mrs. Going Goofy and she said what about a waterfall. So she and I get a general idea going. Then I told the Hubby, he said well why not use the baptismal. So he thought of doing it from the side. I liked from the front on look better. So in our backyard, we get the general idea of how we are going to get this thing to work.
So, here is the finished product, one ladder, one tarp, three milk crates, some rock and bamboo from our yard, and we have a flowing waterfall. Looks and sounds pretty cool. Thought you all might enjoy looking at it.


Shawna said...

You guys did an AWESOME job!! The waterfall is very cool. The rest of the decorations look great too!!

Jacob said...

And it looks pretty cool. have the children said anything about it yet?