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Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Bye

When the Hubby and I bought his new car, it was with the understanding that the Camaro had to go. Two people do not need four cars, four tags, four sets of insurance, etc. Well, we thought we had someone who wanted it but he never brought us the money, so we placed an ad in the newspaper. A man came and drove it Saturday and wants it. He is supposed to be bringing us the money this afternoon. We hope, we are ready to get rid of it; however, it is a little sad. The hubby has had that car for sixteen years, so of course we started dating in that car thirteen years ago.

On a side note, the man we bought the Honda from is such a picture of Christ. He called Saturday night while we were out. So the Hubby called him yesterday to see what was up. He proceeds to tell the hubby that when the payment was made on the Honda it was over paid by $31.50; therefore, he wanted to bring the money over to us, because that was the only fair thing to do. Of course the hubby told him that was not necessary, but he wanted to do it anyway. This man gave us and unbelievable deal on this car, so good he paid an additional $3200.00 out of his own pocket to pay the car off. I think he should have kept the money. I had the thought though, what if we were all so willing to give money to people like that. Just another wonderful picture of Christ to me. I imagine through his love and amazing heart people see Christ daily through him.

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AmIGettingOld said...

What a sweet sentimental person you are. My husband swears I go through cars faster than anyone he knows! Although I think I have finally gotten over that because I dearly love my car now and will probably drive it til the paint starts to peel! ('02 Toy. Avalon) I guess I had to keep trading til I found my true car mate!