My Life on Earth

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Playing with my hobby

So last night, I pulled out my tripod and remote for my camera to take pictures of the hubby and I for our anniversary. So we started playing and got what we thought were some great shots. This first picture there are two of Kid-O; what a day that would be, really.

This second picture has each of us overlaid over the other. Shot in bulb setting and your detachable flash with all the lights off. Pretty cool in my opinion.

This third picture, the hubby changed locations with the flash, and I turned my head.


Jacob said...

Happy Anniversary! Those are some cool pictures. Not only two Kid-Os, but from the picture they look like two ghost kid-os. hahaha

Nikioliee! said...

woah wouldn't that be a memorable anniversary!! your realize your kid has a twin. a twin ghost ahhhh!! man, i should right cheezy horror movies!! hahaha