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Monday, April 28, 2008


So, I very rarely brag on my kids, because everyone things there kids are the best in the world. But today, I feel like bragging just a little on Kid-O. As most of you know, she is a strong-welled, stubborn, highly intelligent child. So life is always a little bit of a challenge with her. Well, last week, she comes running in the house from school with a blue piece of paper. Read this Mommy. Well, I read it and it said that her Mona Lisa had been choosen for the student art tent at Panopoly (a Huntsville art festival). She was very excited; which I was too.
So here she is standing in front of her prized Mona Lisa. Not bad at all for a first grader.

Then, she made a Mother's day card at one of the activity tents. Well, when she got home, she was finishing her card. Last night, when the Hubby and I get ready to go to bed I see this card on my dresser. So I of course I read it.

I love the what she wrote on the front (that it was "erly" so she did not forget).

The inside touched my heart because just a couple hours before I was making homemade strawberry shortcake, and talking to my mom about one day, like when my kids are in the thrities, they might look back and remember, and say "Wow, Mom did that for us." Plus another bonus of this stuff, was that God gave me yet again another small glimpse into Kid-O's heart, into the person that one day he will grow her into. I have faith in that, I just continue to pray for her, that he use her strong-welled, stubborn, highly intelligent personality for the building up of His kingdom. So that is my bragging on Kid-O.

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