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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, I heard from an old (not age) friend yesterday. You know those friends that when you move away they become email friends then that beings to taper off. Well, I forgot that I had sent her my blog address; she has been reading it. Which by the way, I love because you might not get to talk to those friends much anymore, but they are still your friends, you still love them, and they are still learning about you and your life.

Which the Hubby mention something to me after his Walk to Emmaus, but before mine, if I remember correctly. He said, if you are talking to someone and you don't learn something about that person, something meaningful, not just about their silly hair dilemma, then you have basically wasted your time and theirs. I got that after my Walk. Which I think is part of why I enjoy doing this just about everyday, because people are learning about me and my family, the real me and my family.

Thank you to all who read, and I would enjoy to hear back for you.

More pictures of the kids to come later today. I have got to get ready to get my hair cut. We will see.

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