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Monday, April 21, 2008

God is Fun and Funny

Would you like to guess what this is?

If you guessed termites, you would be correct.

So here is the funny story. One night probably around a month ago, Hubby tells me as we are going off to sleep, that God told him he was going to show him something tomorrow. So the Hubby goes through the next day looking for what God wants to show him. Well, he did not see anything until we were about to go to bed. He went to feed the fish in one of the aquariums and noticed that the aquarium was leaking. So we decided that was it, God was saving us from having to clean up a very large mess. So we removed the aquarium from the house to be fixed at a later date.

Well, Friday night when I get back from scrapbooking, the Hubby is looking online. He was researching termites. Sure enough, he discovered that what he found was termites. Well, take a wild guess where he found those termites, in the corner where that aquarium has been setting for a few years.

Now if you believe God is in control of everything, you will see how funny and wonderful God is. If you believe in coincidences then you will probably just think we are a little coo-coo, but we know that is not the truth. God is too faith, too trusting, and too loving for coincidences.

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jeff_strez said...

This is Jeff, you left a comment on my blog. You mentioned you were asked to read it. Asked by whom?