My Life on Earth

Monday, April 7, 2008


This weekend was filled with busyness. The hubby and I normally led boring lives, not having much to do, a blessing by the way. Anyway, Friday evening we had World Thinking day for our little brownie (Kid-O), Saturday morning our final meeting for Emmaus, the afternoon a walk through at the camp for the walk to Emmaus, and Saturday evening and night a marriage seminar at church, Sunday morning, of course there is church, then a baby shower in the afternoon, then back to church for evening service. I got to thinking about how the weekend just blow right by, but then I got to thinking what a blessing the weekend was as well. It is amazing how God uses the busyness of life sometimes, to teach us different things, like what is the most important thing: having a relationship with God through the saving grace of His Son.

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