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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogging through pictures

My hostas are growing great this year.
Maybe we won't have a late cold snap that will kill everything off.

Mini-Me walking blindly with Little Man's hat over his face.

He has managed to only run into a few walls.

My blueberry bushes are looking great too.

I love blueberries. I can't wait.

The hubby's new lawn mower.

He'll only get to use it about 5% of the time though.

I usually do most of the grass cutting.

This is Max, the 10 year old beagle.

He is basically living at the neighbors house now.

I think the neighbor feels sorry for him since he has to stay tied up (no fence).

Max has even been sleeping in his house. We go visit him.

Does anybody know what this is?

I am clueless.

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