My Life on Earth

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kids are funny

So everyone knows kids say the darnest things. Well, yesterday, Little Man sees the neighbor out and ask why Mr. Stewart does not have a police car. I told him because he is not a policeman. His reply was "what does he do?" I told him he worked at a plant in town, but that I did not know what he actually does. Then Little man asked, "what does daddy do?"; I replied he is an engineer. Well if you have read about us at all you are painfully aware that Little Man loves trains. So his response was "daddy drives trains", I said no not that kind of engineer. But in his world his daddy is now a train engineer.

Tonight he asked his daddy if he was a engineer. Daddy said yes, Little Man responded, "Choo-Choo".

Kids say the darnest things and make us laugh a lot.

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