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Monday, May 18, 2009

You know it is great when life is slow and there is little to be done; however, when there is little to be done there is little to write. Praise God for the slowness for life right now.

Saturday, the hubby and I got a lot done around the house before the rain came. I got the grass cut, the hedges trimmed, and we found all the sprinkler heads (man they installed a lot of them), the hubby unclogged the bathroom pipes (good thing we bought the auger versus renting one), fixed one set of sprinklers, cut the died limbs from the dogwood tree, and a few other things.

We went to Mega church yesterday, it took 30 minutes to sign our kids into Sunday school. We had to be finger printed and our pictures taken. All this to drop off and pick up our children. The associate minister preached, the hubby and I agree with everything that he said; however, we got the impression that the sermon was out of the norm for this church. We get the impression it is more of a feel good church with the regular minister. We will probably try it again with the regular minister just to see.

One thing that the hubby and I are really learning right now is what God's church has become. Which is an excellent thing to be learning, due to our still feeling led to pastor a house church. It is really sad how we as humans have set up the church the way we think it should be and not the way God ever intended it to be. Last week, for example, we were actually at a church that is "name it and claim it". I have never actually been to a "name it and claim it" church until then. I knew they existed, but never attended. Well, I have now.

We know and trust that God will put us where He wants us and when He wants us there. But we also know that, He may not want us to plant roots anywhere other than where we attend on Sunday nights. If we truly our being called to pastor a house church, we don't need roots in a local church other than on Sunday nights. And we love where we are at in the evenings and the kids really like it as well.

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