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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nothing good happens after 2AM...

So the old saying "nothing good happens after 2am" still holds true. Saturday night, Kid-O and Ash come to get the Hubby and I, at 2:11am, because Ash's fingers are stuck together. We were told that her fingers were stuck, because they were gluing. The hubby ask what were you gluing and with what. The bed and super glue.

Then he beings to figure out what happened. The girls were playing on the fold up bed and the end piece broke off. Not too bad, until they tried to fix the problem by themselves. They tried tape first, but that did not work, so they moved on to the super glue. Ash was doing the holding, while Kid-O was doing the taping and gluing. Wow, the genius of any almost 8 year old and 9 year old.

As you can tell, the tape and super glue did not fix the bed. The worst part of the whole story was that the girls used so much super glue, they had gotten two nickel size dollops on Mamaw's new hardwood floor. The Hubby was able to get most of it up, but there is still residue.

By the way, the tape was a joint idea. The super glue was all Kid-O.

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