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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

As most know, life here is a little crazy right now with the packing to move from one home to another with the closing date being on December 19th. I hated for the kids and myself if I am honest to not have a Christmas tree this year. I love putting up the tree and being able to sit in front of it for as long as I want at night after the children are in bed, and relax in the Spirit of the Christmas season. This year though is different, so I decided that I would put up one of the children's room trees with this years new Hallmark mini ornaments. I thought it turned out cute, but it makes me think of the Charlie Brown Christmas.
God has used the last few years to ever so gently remind me and keep me focused on what the Christmas season is truly about. This year he is using the moving and Jonah's appointment at UAB, to keep me focused, because I don't have the time to focus on presents and trees and lights and parties, etc. I know that all of us Christians, know what Christmas is about, but how many of us actually take the time during the Christmas season to thank God for His Son. Try sitting in front of the Christmas tree, and ponder what God has done and is doing for us every moment of everyday. Think about it for just a moment, Jesus sitting on the throne being honored and praised, gave that up for a dirty diaper and a manager. Are we willing to give up our throne (cushy life) for someone or something else that needs us? When was the last time you actually smiled at someone and meant it; gave someone a helping hand because you wanted to, not because someone was watching to see what you would do? Or better yet when was the last time you stopped long enough to have a conversation with someone that you don't even know? The love of Christ can be and should be expressed each and everyday, and it is very simple to do, if you allow the Holy Spirit to do it through you.

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