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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Great Idea....

So reading a friends blog today, her title was "Tagged". As you read through, the instructions were to go to your 'my pictures' folder, then go to the fourth folder in 'my pictures', then go to the fourth picture in that folder. Then you are to tell four things about that picture. So here is the fourth picture in the fourth folder.

1. Only God would have the fourth folder in 'my pictures' folder be the Get Real Conference at our church this year.
2. Shelley Hendrix was an excellent speaker on the topic of getting real about who you were and are in Christ.
3. If we cover up our sins and flaws that we have chosen into our lives; how is God going to use us, because we are not being honest. Shelley's main point.
4. The clay jar was once very precious, so if the jar cracked or got a hole, they did not simply throw it away, they would find a new use, like to hold candles and shine light in the darkness. Picture yourself and your sins as the clay jar and the holes, don't cover them and don't throw them out because then you can show the light of Christ to the world through you.

I love this picture and love that this was the fourth picture in the fourth folder. So you are tagged now. What's in your my pictures?

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Jacob said...

...what if my picture folder doesn't have folders?