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Friday, December 26, 2008

Catching Up...

We took the kids to Santa's Village a few weeks ago, but of course in the craziness of the holidays, the move and Little Man's doctor appointments, I have not taken the time to blog much about the going ons of our life. Here are the pictures of the kids' with Santa Claus.

My three little snowmen.

Mini-me with Santa. He climbed right up into his lap, just like the older two did. The older two thought mini-Me should get a new tricycle, since the youth from the church messed up his old one in a race one day. No crying, Yeah.

Kid-O with Santa Claus. She asked for a tiara, a candy stick like last year and a moped. Maybe we have a couple more years of fun with her.

Little Man eating it up. He asked Santa for a skateboard with his name on it, a new Lightening McQueen car like the one he had to give Mini-Me, and two new wooden chairs.

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