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Monday, December 1, 2008

Packing and more packing

Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing, although it rained the entire weekend, so we were not about to get out and ride the four wheeler until Sunday morning. So, today it was back to the packing gridiron. I began the day, working on the home inspection report for our new house. The hubby and the trooper went down Wednesday and did the inspection. Now we have to get the report together and the stuff we want fixed. Then it was off to the attic. I have been packing up the stuff that is to move to the new house and throwing out the stuff that is not moving to the new house. For example, stuff that was never unboxed from the move from Mississippi almost six years ago.

Next on the list, finish the laundry and fix dinner. Ham n' cheese chowder. Hummmm.

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