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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Second Reason for our Road Trip

Here is reason number two. No, not Little Man, but Skippy. Remember our grown up kids, this is one of them. Anyway, Skippy will be a senior this year and wants to go to college, Christian colleges (YEAH). Anyway, the boys and I took her to a couple back in June. There was one left that she wanted to look at, Columbia International, in Columbia South Carolina. So we figured since we were making the trip anyway, if she wanted to go she could go with us on our journey. (A whole week with Mr. C, and the three kids.) She's a brave soul.

Anyway, she loved the college. I liked it a lot, and it looks like we are going back in December for scholarship weekend. Skippy was a trooper on the road all week with our crazy family, spending two days with my newly released from prison cousin, and some friends from college. I have to say though. It was great fun having her along for the ride. She even talked the Hubby into the alphabet game. I don't think I have ever even been able to do that. You know, he's an engineer, their pretty serious people.

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