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Friday, August 7, 2009

Karios on the Inside

One of the several reasons we were on a week long trip around North and South Carolina was for my cousin Mark. I have not seen my cousin in 7 years. Mark is 2 years younger than me, I believe and has daughter two weeks younger than Kid-O.

Anyway, seven years ago, he made a horrible mistake. He helped a guy rob someone, put them in the car and relocated him to another location (ie. kidnapping). Of course this is the very short version of the story.

Within the first year in Kershaw, maxi mun level prison in South Carolina. My cousin was blessed with the opportunity to go through Kairos on the Inside, which is the Walk to Emmaus for prisoners. What a blessing that was in his life. I pray that God using his testimony over, and over again. Anyway, during that time in prison, he says, "God has really blessed me. Not a hair on my head was ever hurt. I was shown favor by the guards and prisoners alike." He has stayed in God's word for all these years, daily. I pray that God leads him to continue down that path and that God's keeps temptation from him. Mark told me, "I can only do this with God's strength." Praise God that he knows that now. I just ask that you all pray for him. This is going to be a difficult time in his life. Right now he is on 90 house arrest. He can not step out of the door of the house.

May God bless Tim and his wife, who have listen to God's call on their lives. Tim was Mark's table leader 6 years ago on Kairos and his wife worked the kitchen. Thank you and all glory be to God. Tim has continued to stay in touch with Mark over the years. The hubby and I believed as Christians we are to support those who need the support, whether they are family or not. I asked for extra special prayers for my cousin.

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