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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions Answered...

One comment asked, if Little Man was a go for spine surgery after the report from the urologist and cardiologist. The answer to that question is, I think. I am not positive, but we are making the assumption because the reports were good that we are a go. The hubby, I and Little Man will go back to the nuerosurgeon on February 3rd. I assume we will find out for sure if it is a go now, and if so, hopefully we will know when. I will let you all know as soon as we know. Thank you for all the prayers.

Another comment asked if we had found a new home church yet. We are working on that. God has had us back at the same church a couple of times. We have joined in on a couple of different Bible Study classes, because they don't have a traditional evening service. Which the hubby and I like. The children seem to really like the childrens program on the Sunday evening. They do a snack dinner for the kids, then break off into their classes, that way the Bible study classes can last longer. We have heard many wonderful things about the preacher and we met and talked to the associate minister for a while the last time we were there. We will probably give it a try on a Sunday morning before too much longer. The 35 minute drive back to our current church along with needing to be there at 8:30 am is getting a bit exhausting. We will miss our friends from our current church, but we know we will see them, everyone has to eat.

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