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Friday, January 30, 2009

Clearance is Great...

Last Saturday, for my birthday, two friends took me to lunch, then we ventured on to Hobby Lobby to see what was on sale. We found these great crosses with the metal work behind them. I thought they would look great beside this picture. The best part, they were $15.99 on clearance for $5.44. The picture came from my grandmothers (my dad's mom) house in Florida. My parents sent her this picture from Germany, while my dad was stationed our there. Anyway, she was a heavy smoker for years, and my grandfather smoked pipes, maybe cigarettes too, I am not sure. Anyway, the frame was in horrible condition, so a $3.98 can of paint to match the crosses seems to have done the trick.

Now, any of you that knows anything about canvas paintings, I need some help. As I stated my grandparents were smokers, so there are some small tar spots on the canvas. You might be able to see them in the picture if you double click on it. Anyway, does anyone know how you might be able to clean that off of the picture?

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