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Monday, August 4, 2008

Mixed Blessings...

First off, I am back, but only for a few days then I am back off to Tennessee to finish up my yard sale. I had a ton of baby clothes, toys and other miscellaneous stuff.

Secondly, the results for Little Man are a mixed blessing. I am struggling with that right now, but God knew I would be, so I am just trying to stay focused on Him. The fact that so far all the results have came back negative is a blessing; however, not knowing is just a difficult if not more so than knowing what is causing all of his symptoms. I am still praying for an answer, I just know God is not ready to give the answer. I suppose His answer for now is just wait some more. There in lies the mixed blessing.

Thirdly, yesterday was such a blessing of a day. My parents have a new pastor at their church. So far I am impressed with the way God is using him. He preached two sermons yesterday morning. It was wonderful, because he was being led by the Holy Spirit. After church, he had lunch with the family, I told him to never apologize for giving two sermons on a Sunday morning, if the Holy Spirit is leading, let Him led. Then last night at our own church, David Ring came to speak. He has been a minister for 35 years, with cerebral palsy. Listening to how God has used his life, just reconfirmed for me that God is using my life, my husbands life and Little Man's life to grow us and to hopeful point others to the Kingdom of God. We may not always like the path that God has us on, but it is good, because it is good to God and for God to fulfill His perfect plan for my life and hopefully the lives of others.

Side note: Hope - Elpis - the expectation of something good (Biblical definition)

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Jacob said...

:-) I love you Ms. Brenda. You're always a source of encouragement and strength for me with your constant love and trust in God. I know God will take care of you and Little Man. I'm praying for ya'll. I enjoyed David Ring's sermon