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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Red Shoes...Sunglasses...and Ice Cream

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find my children to be a trip sometimes. No they are not perfect, amazing children. I am not in denial, they are just fun sometimes.

Sunday, we had to go buy Kid-O some shoes. She is very picky about her shoes, so every pair I have brought home were just not right. Therefore, Sunday she went to church in her pretty pink dress with her ragged polka dotted tennis shoes on. Needless to say her daddy said we had to go get shoes. So off to the mall we go Sunday afternoon. After 2 1/2 hours, no joke, shopping for shoes, she pick out this bright red pair of Red Ecko shoes. She also came home with a pretty pair of pink plaid sandles, and brown dress shoes for church. I thought you might enjoy the bright red shoes.
Little Man and the sunglasses makes me laugh. For some reason, he needs to wear the sunglasses every where but in the car or outside. Go figure. I don't get that one either.
Then of course Mini-Me. Little Man had some ice cream one night after dinner. Well, Mini-Me did not get to have ice cream because he did not finish his dinner. So he goes to the sibling, Little Man, that will share with him. I find it funny how he has figured out that Kid-O will hug him and feel sorry for him when Little Man hits him, and the Little Man will share his food with him. I believe he has figured out how to pull their strings.

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Nikioliee! said...

aww the little cuties!! me and kid-o shop for shoes the same way!! haha!