My Life on Earth

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday was Tough...

So the hubby and I said good bye to our home church yesterday. God finished with us there yesterday. It was extremely difficult for us to do this since we had been there for 6 years. The hubby had been playing the drums for 5 years, and many of the people had become our family. We are transplants to this area, so for us our church family was our family. Not to say that I won't still see my friends, because some I will see at least once a month. But it will be different with others that you are used to seeing weekly, sometimes more often than that.

I ask that you pray for us as we continue on this journey God has us on to find a new church home. Whether that church home is in a church building, or ministering to others in our own home. God has grown us so much through so much. Please continue to pray for God's wisdom and guidance for our lives.


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You will never leave my thoughts and prayers and we will keep in touch! As always, all to best to you and Chris in all you do!