My Life on Earth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Derby Race

Indian Princess strikes again. This time it was the father daughter derby race. Kid-O designed her own car. Of course daddy cut it out, I did the sanding and the detail work. Kid-O did the pink. The gold number and wheels was her idea as well. She was trying to win the design award.

Results...Well, Kid-O did not win the design award, I think the hubby said a canoe won. However, she did finish third place in her tribe. She got a trophy. Now she has two derby trophies and wants to know where she can put them.


Shawna said...

She went with pink...what a surprise. :) I think it looks good!

Ionela B─âloi said...

miaHi, Brenda!
My name is Ionela.
I am from Coronini, Romania. I am a member at the Baptist Church from Coronini. I sow your blog and the pics... and I also sow a pic with my village ;))
I just wanted to say hi to you. :)
God bless you and your family and I hope you will come to Romania again!
We wait! :)
Take care!