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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chicken Pox

So this is Kid-O's lot this week. Chicken Pox. Fun. Fun. This is exactly why I hated that the government of Alabama at least forced me to vaccinate my children for chicken pox so that they can attend school. If they are going to get chicken pox anyway, natural immunity is always better.

The fabulous new is that due to the fact that she has had the vaccine, she does not feel even remotely sick; therefore, she is running around the house, but can't go to school. Also due to having had the vaccine, the case is a little bit milder, but she will be out of school longer because it will take longer for the pox to dry up. Great.

To top it off, Little Man has pox on him as well. Not as bad as Kid-O, but he still has them.

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