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Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Rooster

Well, I am about two weeks behind, so I am just going to give the highlights. Here is a picture of the group of ladies that I attended the Red Rooster (Scrapbook retreat). We had so much fun, well, I am assuming they had as much fun as I did. So here is the group from left to right, my mom, Lorie, me, Shelley Bean with butter bean, Going Goofy, Sherry, Loveday's Day and AmIGettingOld. This is what our tables looked like from the balcony. The whole room was just neat to look at from above; or a mess depending on how you want to think about it.
Here is a picture of me that Going Goofy took, when I completed one of the projects I brought with me for the weekend. It is an entire scrapbook of Little Man's journey through his health issues. I took all the blog post and pictures that went with those post and made him a scrapbook. It turned out great. I love it.

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AmIGettingOld said...

It was fun wasn't it!