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Friday, June 5, 2009

Red Rooster Food

Okay, the food at the Red Rooster was just fabulous. It was all homemade from scratch and us just excellent. I have agree with Going Goofy though, one of the best things was that you are working and smelling the food cook, they call you to eat, you go eat, then you go right back to work, no preparing the food and no cleaning up the dishes.Here is a picture of the breakfast that we eat on the Sunday morning before we left. The egg casserole, which Going Goofy would not have eaten, was the best thing on the menu for the entire weekend. It was all great, but this was the best.


Going Goofy said...

it "looks" good! But your right it would have been biscuit, cake and ham for me! LOL

AmIGettingOld said...

WOW! I knew I would be missing a great meal by leaving early! That sounds and looks awesome!

Nikioliee! said...

where were you miss? and i really want to read the new blog i posted. =) love you.

Ionela B─âloi said...

Hi, dear!
yes, small world ;))
About the sweatshirt, well no, not to me... cuz as far as I remember I didnt go out on the field to play... I think I had some exams those days, I dont remember very well, but u must know me because I sing in the brass band at the church and I am sitting in the front, at the trompet 1 :D ;)) I am pastor's niece so we probably met few times.
I remember when u were here...but not very clear... ( I guess I was stressed with my exams :| )

The youth you sow on my blog, its the youth from our church - its on the video named: Tinerii din Coronini, its a video I posted on youtube.

Ok, dear. Im very talkative ;))
I hope I didnt borring you ;)) (Excuse my english :D )

Have a great day!
God bless you all there! Praying for you