My Life on Earth

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Response to "Taking the Plunge"

We do not know exactly when or where to that we will move, we just know that God has told us it is okay to move. We also know that he will provide the right house at the right time and the right buyer for our current house at the right time. I ask that you all pray for God's will for our lives.

For my kids, I will see you whenever you want to be seen. You are our children. We love you with the same love that we have for the children that God blessed us with. We would and will do whatever we can whenever we can for each one of you.


Tommy said...

God will provide. He did for me. During my divorce I saw a house that was my "dream house". Three years later I own it. God dropped it in my lap at the right time, not before.

Jacob said...

What if I want to be seen everyday? Hahaha, just kidding. I love you Ms. Brenda and I'm sure everything will be for ya'll's good. When I first found out you and Mr. C were thinking of moving I felt a little betrayed and blown off, but now I know that ya'll did think of us and that it is a part of ya'll's decision and I know that wherever God puts you is the absolute best place for you guys.

You should've seen this post before I edited had about 6 ya'lls. Hahaha. That's about the only southern mannerism I have i think. Ya'll.

Nikioliee! said...